Saying goodnight to bracket[net]

After 12 years, I have decided to change my personal domain from the obscure and quirky "" to the much more transparent "". This process will begin with a simple domain name change, but will eventually lead to a completely new website.

bracket[net] was originally built to do many things that I have gradually moved to other places on the Web. It doesn't make sense to keep a site that has remained largely unchanged for almost 10 years. Also, it's embarassing to be a designer and have such an outdated site.

Look for something refreshingly new here this year!

What was bracket[net]?

This is my personal website (made fresh when you order it).

Why do you have a personal website?

To stake a little piece of cyberspace for myself. With the privatization of the Web, this is potentially more important than ever.

What did bracket[net] mean?

The name is not vulgar or trendy, and was sufficiently enigmatic to make a memorable domain name.

What's SteveCott?

After several failed online handles, SteveCott emerged as my predominant persona. It's short. It's logical abbreviation of my name. And it doesn't lead people to call me Scott.

Standards Compliance

I still care deeply about the usability and accessibility of the Web. I try to keep my site in compliance with key Web standards, but my day job makes it difficult to keep up. Whatever I build next, I hope for it to be a model netizen.